Our Story

FFITT Health was born from the belief that when a person is able to optimize their health, they are able to live a more full life. A life full of doing the things they love, releasing the art they create, and adventuring in the ways they dream. Everyone deserves the chance to live that way, and when they get that chance, it leads to a more beautiful world.

We wake up everyday and work passionately and purposefully to make that world a reality by creating an environment in which we can all live more fit, more healthy, more fully. We are driven by the principles of precision, spectrum, comprehensiveness, and collaboration.

Precision: Each plan for each person needs to be precise and personalized to where they are on their health and fitness journey and where they want to go. That is the road to optimization and fulfillment.

Spectrum:  We believe in the importance of not only being responsive to the things that happen along your health journey, but also in being proactive in shaping that journey. That is thinking and acting along the spectrum. To play offense as well as defense so that you can create positive momentum and be maximizing your potential continuously.

Comprehensiveness: Each area of our life affects the whole. When we lean into our health with a comprehensive and integrated approach we give ourselves our best chance to feel and live our best.

Collaboration: Our promise to you is that we will be there alongside you and other members of your ecosystem as you explore your best health and life. Being FFITT is not a destination. It is a journey. And it is our privilege to collaborate with you on it. 

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FFITT Health is an Ecosystem of Sustainable Wellness. We are on a journey to make wellness more accessible, sustainable, and scalable.